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Monday, 1 February 2016

Jump-Start Your Creativity!

Have you ever dreamt of being the next J.K. Rowling? If yes, we have a task worthy of your creative talent! It's a BoomWriter story which will help you develop your writing skills. 

In the beginning, we decided on introducing WordWriter, a new writing tool from BoomWriter that focuses the pupils on creative writing techniques. We are using it for creating a story about Eramus, the elf. In January, the partners wrote their story starts and  submitted them for a review. All of them were accepted and the teams got points and BoomDollars to purchase accessories for their Boomer avatars. Now we are going to vote on the best entry. There’s an easily managed voting system that will fairly determine the winning chapter. The winning story start will become the official Chapter 1 of our common BoomWriter book. 

You can see all the entries not only on the BoomWriter site. In order to  allow all the pupils who don't participate in this task to get to know the stories submitted by their peers, we are presenting them below. To read them, please move the cursor into each avatar and when you see a small red ring, click on it.  

When we finish writing our story (it will consist of at least 3 chapters),  BoomWriter will convert it into an actual published book containing the names of all of the participating partners. Everyone will be able to buy it. It will cost $9.99. 

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